Boarding Boarding Includes: Oversized 12 x 12 Stalls cleaned multiple times per day for your horses health and comfort Huge walk in tack lockers (one per boarder) approximately 4 x 6. An amenity you won’t find elsewhere. Allows you to safely and comfortable store all your equipment and supplies. Custom Feed Program fed 3 times per day o Choose from Strategy Healthy Edge, Equine Senior, Safe Choice or Whole Oats o Includes Coastal Hay at each feeding o Upgrades to Ultium grain available o Supplements fed daily per owner specifications. Owner provides and must be prepacked. Daily Turnout in Private Paddocks (1/2 acre each) or Group Paddocks (2.5 acres) o Boots & Bell Boots can be put on/off as owner specifies. o Fly Masks/Sheets can be put on/off as needed (owner supplies) o Feet are picked after torunout to help prevent lameness and bacterial growth o Horses are thoroughly rinsed/brushed/cleaned after turnout to ensure their comfort Trailer Parking (limited availability) in private assigned parking spaces Worming Schedule for all horses on an every other month rotation of wormers Electrolyte Program top dresses all horses grain with electrolytes during the summer to help avoid dehydration and colic Assistance with medications and wound treatment  as needed Blanketing/Sheets in the winter as needed and adjusted to accomodate the ever changing weather Overhead Fans in the summer Access to over 6 miles of walking trails maintained by te Saddlebrook Estates HOA Boarding Fees: Monthly Board $700 per month Alfalfa x2 Daily $75 per month Alfalfa 1x Daily $40 per month Ultium Feed $50 per month